What Are White Hat Hackers

ThatWindowsDev continues his series covering a variety of different types of hackers. In this part he goes over whitehat hackers which are essentially the oppositeof blackhat hackers. These guys protect people instead of harming them, they often work with security companies devolping anti-virus or anti-malware programs. While they do use vulnerabilities they use them on a companys website and other stuff like that with permission from the owner so that they can patch the exploits and keep the blackhat hackers out. Whitehat hackers are our friend and its definitely is a shame that the media doesnt represent them when in some cases they can be a real life super hero protecting thousands of people from getting hacked. I guess it wouldnt make much of a movie however.

What Are Black Hat Hackers

ThatWindowsDev Covers different type of hackers and what sets them apart from each or makes them unique. In this part he covers blackhat hackers these hackers are often malicious. These hackers are known to use their skills for financial gain,to hurt others, and just to mess with people and laugh. Although the media mainly portrays blackhat hackers not all hackers are like that their are other hackers called whitehat hackers which ThatWindowsDev will be going over in his next post so be sure to stay tuned for that.

Courts Sentencing Criminals Using Ai.

Many people might not know this but Ai is becoming a tool that is used more and more commonly in law enforcement. This is becoming a issue because of the lack of information the public has about the tools they call 'risk assesment' tools. A case that will probably go before the federal supreme court 'Loomis vs Wisconsin' addresses this issue and questions the legality of using a machine to decide sentences when the accused doesnt know how the Ai gathers its results. However it is not looking good for us as the sate supreme court has already ruled against loomis, If the supreme court doesnt over turn the conviction this means in the future you might not be judged by a jury of your peers. But Instead by a robot which you have no idea how it functions and what algorithims it uses to come to its conclusion.

Shadow Brokers Reveal NSA Inside Info.

Read all about the latest leaks from one of our editors. In his latest series he covers the content of wikileaks most recent leak and details whats in it and how it effects you. TheShadowBrokers seem to have come back to life and it seems to be poltically motivated however we are under the impression this is just a excuse to come back into the scene. We will be closely monitering this and make sure you pay attention to his blog because he will be posting more as he reads through the files. Recently one our editors site got taken down so be sure to support them.

Android Devices Can Be Hacked By Dangerous Wifi-Networks.

The bug currently exists in a wifi-chip made by a company named 'broadcom' and is used to manufacture both ios and android devices. However apple patched the bug on monday when update 10.3.1 came out, leaving the only people vunerable as android users. Google is currently in the process of potentially fixing it in its april security bulletin. The bad news is though the intial fix will only be available to select models and it could take up to 2 weeks before the update becomes public. Until then just try and stay away from shady looking networks because if we detail how to avoid it, we would have to go in detail about how it works thus creating more people using it. Just try and hold out comrades, stay safe.

Protecting your phone from the Nsa.

For many years before the vault 7 leak or even the snowden incident people have accused the goverment of spying. However now that we all know for a fact that there is some type of spying going on we move to the next question. How do we prevent it or limit it as much as possible? Welp we are here to help, read all about how the spying happens and what we can do to fight it. Just click the link above and learn exactly why so many people are afraid and exactly how to sooth the fear and replace it with a feeling of comfort knowing that your personal data is safe.

Android passes windows as the internets favorite os

A review of statistics coming from a web analytics business named 'statcounter' found that more people are using the internet on a android os then a windows one. This is the first time something like this has happened before and just goes to show how the mobile market is very important nowadays. during march of 2017 it was reported android users were 37.93% of activity on 'statcounters' network compared to the 37.91 percent of windows users. While it is a small gap we speculate that the gap will only continue to increase as more people switch over to mobile platforms. Android seems to be having a increasing fanbase and perhaps might even overtake ios in app earnings. If it does we will be one of the first ones to report it because that would be a first as well. So be on the lookout for it.

How i bricked & fixed my machine

Another great article by one of our editors Thatwindowsdev written about his experience with wrecking his computer and how he fixed it. He talks about how doing something as simple as cleaning his machine up and making it run smoother sent him spiralling out of control. Very quickly his computer was stuck in a boot loop with seemingly no way to get around the issue. However in his article he covers how he fixed his problem, kept all his old files, and how buying a second harddrive is good for backing up important data you dont want to lose. Make sure to read all about it by clicking the link to his post right above the image. until next time stay secure.

SpaceX makes history with landing of used rocket

SpaceX has offically become the first to ever send the same rocket into space two times. For the past two years Spacex has been launching and successfully landing their rockets, however nobody before has sent the same rocket into space after landing it once. After the second successful landing SpaceX Ceo spoke on the achievment and said 'this is going to be, ultimately, a huge revolution in spaceflight'. We think that most people would agree with this statement, the ability to use the same rocket twice is huge and we well make sure to keep a eye on SpaceX for their (hopeful) future success.

How to properly secure your Windows 10 Computer

Are you tired of that annoying message about your Anti-Virus? Are you curious about hackers and how to prevent them from getting into your computer? If so then you’ve come to the right place. Our most recent member to join the team (@Thatwindowsdev) has written a great article about how to keep your windows 10 computer safe and secure. In it he covers how to remove unnecessary programs that are leaving you vulnerable and how necessary it is to install anti-virus and know windows security. Make sure to click on the link to read all about how you might be more vulnerable to hackers and data-leaks than you think

Dig Once bill potentially providing fiber for most americans

The Dig Once bill (yet to be voted) if passed makes fiber internet for most americans seem like a possibility. Dig Once would mandate that construction crews lay plastic pipes that could house fiber interet anytime they work on roads,sidewalks, or maybe even bridges. While they would not have fiber in them as soon as the pipe is layed it would make it a lot easier to provide fiber for huge amounts of americans later on. So far both parties seem to agree on it so hopefully when it does go up for vote it will pass. We will definetly keep our eyes out for this and will be one of the first to post when the bill is voted on so stay informed.