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March 2017

• Facebook more powerful than people once thought??

• Japan to showcase pascal GPU designed supercomputer

• Inventor of the web raises concerns on 28th anniversary

• Fbi using geek squad to spy on people?

• CIA possibly using stolen tools

• CIA has a sense of humor??

• List of documents Wikileaks revealed, time to start scanning

• Wikileaks releases CIA documents, Big brother is real??

• Spammers get exposed due to bad backups

• $10k 3d printed house made in for Russia for first time

• Electronic meters give false readings up to 5 times higher

• Teenagers sickle cell disease reversed with treatment to change his DNA

• Nintendo switch tear down

• 94 year old lithium-ion battery co-inventor introduces solid state batteries

• Chevrolet offers unlimited data plans with cars

• Supercomputers for weather forecasting making huge advancements

• Mozilla acquires pocket

• The Oscars, twitter, and the Russians

• Will democracy survive big data and artificial intelligence

• LSD micro-dosing becoming popular in silicon valley

• Cloudflare bug brought to light

• Ai can now write its own code by stealing from other programs

February 2017

• AMD Ryzen price and release date revealed

• New Chrome hack downloads font to sneak in malware

• AMD Ryzen price and release date revealed

• New Chrome hack downloads font to sneak in malware

• WhatsApp releasing there own version of snapchat stories

• Firefox 57 to only support Web Extensions

• Human gene editing has science panels support

• NSA contracter indicted over huge theft of classified documents

• Why all Windows drivers are dated 6-21-06

• Google open sources Chrome for IOS

• How To Use Netflix's Hidden Categories

• Bitcoin Firm Gets Approved In Switzerland

• 3D Printer Kills Couple And Their Pets

• Google brings AI to Raspberry Pi

• Bug Allows Hackers To Delete Facebook Videos

• Lavabit encrypted email service is back up

• 2D Game Art for programmers

January 2017

• Mozilla open design

• Female shark learns how to reproduce without male

• How the human brain decides what is important

• Go vs Swift.pdf

• AI Pioneer Wants to Build the Renaissance Machine of the Future